Lorraine from Katherine West Health Board Aboriginal Corporation (KWHB)

Lorraine Johns is an Aboriginal Health Practitioner at Katherine West Health Board (KWHB). Katherine West Health Board (KWHB) is an industry renowned provider of preventative, clinical and emergency primary health care in the Northern Territory. Founded in 1998, KWHB is a fully accredited Aboriginal community controlled health service based across the rolling river and desert country of the remote outback region to the south west of Katherine in Australia’s Northern Territory. The Katherine West Health Board emerged from the Coordinated Care Trial tests that took place across Australia in the mid-to-late 1990s. The trials aimed to address the way that chronically ill people were being treated in Australia’s healthcare system and allow localities to experiment alternative ways to deliver health services that better accommodated their population’s needs. Katherine West was one of four trials from the national program specifically working to improve outcomes for Aboriginal people.